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Florida Institute of Technology

December 7th to 9th 2015

The workshop

This meeting will allow us to present the results obtained within the BinaMIcS project and review the project strategy. In particular, we will discuss

  • the preliminary survey results
  • the first analyses of the monitoring of cool and hot targets
  • the advances in theory about tidal effects or magnetospheric interactions in magnetic close binary systems
  • the multi-wavelength campaign that we are putting together for an eccentric cool-PMS binary (X-ray, spectropolarimetry, radio, photometry)
  • the computational/database facilities
  • other aspects you would like to discuss

The deadline for informal registration is 1 October 2015 and titles and abstracts for presentations should be submitted by 15 Novemebr 2015. Please see the Program and Registration pages for more information.

Contact information

For information about the workshop program and meeting venue please e-mail

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