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Publications and Communications

 Peer-reviewed BinaMIcS publications

  • The magnetic early B-type stars - IV. Breakout or leakage? H α emission as a diagnostic of plasma transport in centrifugal magnetospheres
    Shultz, M. E.; Owocki, S.; Rivinius, T.; Wade, G. A.; et al. , 2020, MNRAS 499, 5379
  • The large-scale magnetic field of the eccentric pre-main-sequence binary system V1878 Ori
    Lavail, A.; Kochukhov, O.; Hussain, G. A. J.; Argiroffi, C.; et al., 2020, MNRAS 497, 632
  • The magnetic early B-type stars - III. A main-sequence magnetic, rotational, and magnetospheric biography
    Shultz, M. E.; Wade, G. A.; Rivinius, T.; Alecian, E.; et al., 2019, MNRAS 490, 274
  • ɛ Lupi: measuring the heartbeat of a doubly magnetic massive binary with BRITE Constellation
    Pablo, H.; Shultz, M.; Fuller; J., Wade, G. A.; et al., 2019, MNRAS 488, 64
  • Fossil field decay due to nonlinear tides in massive binaries
    Vidal, J.; Cébron, D.; ud-Doula, A.; Alecian, E., 2019, A&A 629, 142
  • The magnetic early B-type Stars II: stellar atmospheric parameters in the era of Gaia
    Shultz, M. E.; Wade, G. A.; Rivinius, T.; Alecian, E.; et al., 2019, MNRAS 485, 1508
  • Investigating the origin of the spectral line profiles of the Hot Wolf-Rayet Star WR 2
    Chené, A. -N.; St-Louis, N.; Moffat, A. F. J.; Schnurr, O.; et al., 2019, MNRAS 484, 5834
  • NU Ori: a hierarchical triple system with a strongly magnetic B-type star
    Shultz, M.; Le Bouquin, J. -B.; Rivinius, T.; Wade, G. A.; et al., 2019, MNRAS 482, 3950
  • HD 66051: the first eclipsing binary hosting an early-type magnetic star
    Kochukhov, O.; Johnston, C.; Alecian, E.; Wade, G. A.; et al., 2018, MNRAS 478, 1749
  • Magnetic field topology of the cool, active, short-period binary system σ2 Coronae Borealis
    Rosén, L.; Kochukhov, O.; Alecian, E.; Neiner, C.; et al., 2018, A&A 613, 60
  • HD 156324: a tidally locked magnetic triple spectroscopic binary with a disrupted magnetosphere
    Shultz, M.; Rivinius, Th; Wade, G. A.; Alecian, E.; et al., 2018, MNRAS, 475, 839
  • The magnetic early B-type stars I: magnetometry and rotation
    Shultz, M. E.; Wade, G. A.; Rivinius, T.; Neiner, C.; et al., 2018, MNRAS 475, 5144
  • How unique is Plaskett’s star? A search for organized magnetic fields in short period, interacting or post-interaction massive binary systems
    Nazé, Yaël; Neiner, Coralie; Grunhut, Jason; Bagnulo, S.; et al., 2017, MNRAS 467, 501
  • BD-19 5044L: discovery of a short-period SB2 system with a magnetic Bp primary in the open cluster IC 4725
    Landstreet, J. D.; Kochukhov, O.; Alecian, E.; Bailey, J. D.; et al., 2017, A&A 601, 129
  • HD 164492C: a rapidly rotating, Hα-bright, magnetic early B star associated with a 12.5 d spectroscopic binary
    Wade, G. A.; Shultz, M.; Sikora, J.; Bernier, M. -É.; et al., 2017, MNRAS 465, 2517
  • HD 35502: a hierarchical triple system with a magnetic B5IVpe primary
    Sikora, J.; Wade, G. A.; Bohlender, D. A.; Shultz, M.; et al., 2016, MNRAS 460, 1811
  • The magnetic field of the double-lined spectroscopic binary system HD 5550
    Alecian, E.; Tkachenko, A.; Neiner, C.; Folsom, C. P.; et al., 2016, A&A 589, A47
  • Detection of magnetic fields in both B-type components of the ɛ Lupi system: a new constraint on the origin of fossil fields?
    Shultz, M.; Wade, G. A.; Alecian, E.; BinaMIcS Collaboration, 2015, MNRAS 454, L1

 Communications in International conferences

  • Magnetic fields in intermediate- and high-mass binary systems with short periods, Nazé, Y.; Alecian, E., 2017, Stars with a stable magnetic field: from pre-main sequence to compact remnants, International conference held in Brno, Czech Republic, August 2017 (invited oral contribution), Website
  • The BinaMIcS Large Program, [Alecian E., 2016], CFHT User’s Meeting, International conference held in Nice, France, May 2016 (invited oral contribution), Website
  • The origin of magnetic fields in massive stars, Wade et al. 2016, The lives and Death Throes of massive stars, International Astronomical Union Symposium 329, Auckland, New-Zealand, December 2016 (invited oral contribution), Website
  • The BinaMIcS project: understanding the origin of magnetic fields in massive stars through close binary systems, Alecian, E.; Neiner, C.; Wade, G. A.; Mathis, S.; et al., 2014, New windows on massive stars: asteroseismology, interferometry, and spectropolarimetry, IAU Symposium 307, Geneva, Switzerland, June 2014 (selected oral contribution), Website
  • The BinaMIcS project: binarity and magnetism, Neiner, C.; Alecian, E., 2013, Setting a New Standard in the Analysis of Binary Stars, International conference held at Leuven, The Netherlands, 16–19 September 2013 (selected oral contribution), Website
  • The role of magnetic fields in pre-main sequence stars, Hussain, G. A. J.; Alecian, E., 2013, Magnetic Fields throughout Stellar Evolution, IAU Symposium 302, Biarritz, France, August 2013 (invited oral contribution), Website
  • Magnetic fields along the pre-main-sequence phase, Alecian, E., 2013, Putting A Stars into Context: Evolution, Environment, and Related Stars, International conference held on June 3-7, 2013 at Moscow M.V (invited oral contribution), Website
  • The Magnetic Fields and Magnetospheres of Hot Stars, Alecian, E., 2012, Circumstellar Dynamics at High Resolution. International conference held at Foz do Iguacu, Brazil, 27 February-2 March, 2012, (invited oral contribution), Website

 Related publications

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